How many pulls before you got 6* OP Alice?


I’m not a fan of her. I prefer the decaps to do heavy damage to a few than medium damage to all. I’m sure you would feel differently about alpha if you had wayland. But that’s great that you use two of her.

Oh and just so we’re clear lol, she’s not an f2p toon so it makes you not an “f2p” player lol


Precisely 1 pull after all the other pulls I made.




Lmao. This is hilarious.


You don’t think it’s possible? I’m sorry I didn’t clarify. Two 4* and 3 6*


I’m destroying most designer team with 5* Negan , t3 Harper , t3 alpha @ 3k attk, 5* Heath and magna to shield from stun R3. I’m working on a r2 rush yellow team as we speak, just pulled Wayland last recruit. Alpha is good. She’s viable. I’m just giving props to people who are able to utilize the tool that they have.




Yeah, we are gonna need proof lol


Running five star negan is quite common… and you have harper. One of the most op toons on the game. That team doesn’t work without her. So not sure how that’s creative. And where are the four stars?


gOt HEr oN a siNglE pUlL


I didn’t say my team was creative. Im not free to play. I said free to play people who figure out how to beat the current meta are excellent.


He uses green Carl lead, two guardian Kal, and two of this 4*. We know bleed and burn beats XHP right? So look at what 4* toon have this speciality. 2 Hint: her rush also impairs.


Want to bet your account? If it’s bullshit?


I believe you #f2pchallenge


Amazing how he gets around the absolute defense of Lydia and Jesus and the ap down of koas. I would be highly impressed if there was a video with this team beating a two shield three revive team.




Pm me your line bro. I’ll show you tonight after I get off work.


Hey!! I want in on this little “show me yours, I will show you mine” party!!


He uses a leader with no bonus attack? Why? Or more important, why?


Please post this amazing 4* attack video somewhere I can see it.