How many pulls before you got 6* OP Alice?


She gives focus to everyone for two turns… Madison doesn’t even charge herself. Plus 75 attack is better than Tara’s defense down… and like I said… u can add Jeremiah in the mix now since Alice takes up Tara and Hershel combined. Plus 75 attack and minus 70 defense. Yikes.


What’s the basis of this guess.

I’ve seen $300 be a running average. With of course horrors stories and glory stories.


Nah just not the same still gonna use Tara unless I had a second Sandy the I could use her then replace Hersh but don’t so still prefer tara. And to lose that g2 from Hersh would be a shame



Alice is better no doubt but Tara is still a solid option.

Debate settled.

I’m not sure she is OP. All depends on what Gen 2 (Stat boost) toon rushes look like.


The Tara/Hershel/sandy/Louis combo is already deadly so I get it… but the other option is even better. Those who have that four toon combo prob don’t need her. But she is seriously an amazing attack toon.


Also true about seeing whats coming down the line. I do wonder if the Alice and Jeremiah combo can finally make green alpha useful. That’s a lot of attack and defense down after both rushes.




This will kill 3, it is certain.

Though I prefer other combos.


Bro, alpha is useful without her. I run two alphas, without a disarm, and CONSISTENTLY smash designer teams. And im a TRUE f2p. @Kodak_black


I’m #1 f2p player in the game @pregolori knows.


Yeah. And im the dhali llama. :wink:



I’m free to play between credit card swipes.

I challenge you to a ftp-off



Mind blown.

Are cell phones allowed? I never knew.


Only if you’re dhali.




u bounced off me… I’m the best ftp ever


One 10 pull for me.
I started a 10 pull, saw 4-5 4*, bent to pick something off the floor, looked back at the phone and saw another 4 4*.
Assumed I need another 10 pull, but scrolled over the 10 results. and who do I see in the 6th pull…


The suspense is killing me . . . . . . . . .who was it?


Waldo? You FINALLY found him? Or, perhaps, Carmen San Diego?


I respect FTP more than whales. It’s amazing how creative ftp can get to overcome the paywall. I love it when my friend show me videos of him destroying whale Bonus HP teams with 4*. I think most whales would cry just a little knowing that their premiere lydia lead, two shields , two revives were demolished by 4*, lol. Alpha is a beast, even at T3 for me.