How many pulls before you got 6* OP Alice?


Or how many pulls you did before giving up?

Guessing the average will be about 280 pulls about $700 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Screenshots please!


Already posted on another topic
Did a single and a ten. Looks like 5th ot 6th pull
First time it was worth saving my league coins lol.


As soon as she is levelled up there will be a massive green shield with free ad weapon released along with a super powered blue Tyresse lol happy pulling , keep feeding the goat


With new Eric released, she’s viable only for carl lead teams imho.


Are you talking about her?


Lmao didn’t take long, I am obviously one step ahead of Nostradamus


They are just going to keep doing this until enough whales say screw this, then wrap the game up


And Gabriel, don’t forget poor little Gabriel, who waited so long for a toon bearing his name to become relevant & when it finally arrived he became irrelevant before anyone had amassed enough gear to max him out :joy:


Time to see people drop $1,000


She’s such a ridiculous toon. She takes the place of Tara AND Hershel on a red attack team leaving open a spot for another damage toon. How anyone can lose a raid with Alice, sandy and Louis is beyond me right now.


Is she really worth $1,000 though :joy:


Haha. No of course not.


just a ftp whistling


2 big and a 10. Only used coins i got from the 50% off sale last month, so only about $80 spent


Where is the video?


I got her in 1- 10 pull. SADLY my game crashed so I didnt see it but I went to look and there she was!! :))


Fac mate of mine got 2 of her on a 40.


Coming tonight or tomorrow. I’m at work right now lol


Hershel gives 2 turn focus on active and guardian 2 tho and Tara gives defense down. Imo she’s just a better Madison lead tbh so I’ma stick with what works for me.


I’d miss Mira’s stun remove too much, it’s an absolute must against Carl/Gabe teams for me