How many Priyas have you come across?

Admittedly I am not in a top faction; we are rank 5 on our server. However, we get plenty of top 10 draws. So far I’ve only seen one S-class Priya on defence. I know she is an attacking toon, but her stats are so insane it would be crazy not to put her on defence too (unless of course you’re ashamed…). How many have you seen? Was it worth breaking the game for Scopely? Have they made more than they otherwise would have, had they released a regular OP toon?

surprisingly none


Not warring so none lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Im in the #1 in my region and i have seen 0

I’ve seen 1 in crw

So few. Is it safe to assume Scopely has not sold as many as they had hoped? I would have thought the 10x price increase has not offset the fewer number of people pulling for her. Scopely have completely shot themselves in the foot. There’s no turning back from this; they’ve already sold some so they can’t just scrap this new stat increase, but at the same time they probably realise it is costing them money.


None but not sure how you get her. Why can’t they put toons back in the wheel instead of dumb collections

You get her by dropping a month’s salary.


0 thus far!

Lol, i don’t get paid that much!

vk is the only reasonable way.

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Do you have a link to this “vk”? Maybe it should be pinned

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i dont have nor i use, but im sure that scopes prices are way too high

I’ve actually heard a lot of people are just planning on using VK until they get caught and then retiring. Top faction people too. I don’t blame them.


1 Priya team so far.
Took me 3 turns to beat it. So 1 turn per 1000$ he spent on her


Pryia herself sucks its the stats. Its the fukn payback , bide, slow, and Petes tht are killing this game. Ive literally haven’t played a war were someone has a payback toon even the people in the really low ranks run stacked teams.


I’ve seen exactly 0 of her so far. We’ve been matched with the top 15 factions over and over. No sign of her. Guess the whales in our crws matchups are not dedicated enough :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

She is broken as shit.

She’s mainly on attack teams, you will only “see” her if they want you to see her. Like if their team grade is higher than 10+

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lmao I know people who used it bought the best characters murdered every1 then shortly after quit.
I’m sure most people don’t want to use it and be dishonest but if they aren’t going to make stuff decent cost then can’t say I blame people.