How many premier toons have you pulled being f2p player


Including videos + ads Id cheese
Tapjoy offers coins
Gold rewards from stages in wm and as a leveling reward

As for me: 0


2 (I’m actually p2p but I actually saved up coins via world map and some levels)


Not bad! Which toons if that’s not a secret


For starters the one I have as my profile picture (6 star Hershel, though I pulled his 5 star version) and one back when most 5 stars were useful (If I remember which one I will post).



I’ve spent about $1500 on the game and I never gotten the 5* on promo. the only time I ever got the toon I wanted was red Glenn from a stash. Does never getting a promo toon make me ftp?


Almost exactly a year ago I single pulled Konrad, almost creamed my jeans


Prestige 12… 2 promo toons in 2.5 years. Revive abe and machine gun carl. Granted my coin goes towards war and faction events so all in all I’ve only done 2 big pulls and maybe a dozen 10 pulls. Btw, both promos were received on 1 single pull each.


Not really :joy:


Thanks for sharing guys


I single pulled hs Magna with my second account a while back.

Main account got calm michonne(single)and blue hs Garrett(2x10) from offers, but it’s technically not f2p as it run 30 day pass,


i’ve got Erica(when she was on 2x chances from a 10 pull) and Jessie(when Erica and Madison were on promo also from a 10 pull), both as 5* versions


I’ve pulled 5 on my current account from being f2p

5* Alert Garrett “Into the breach”
5* Strong Shiva “Winter Edition” (now ascended)
6* Strong Invanova “Road to survival” #3
5* Tough Michonne “Road to survival” #6 (now ascended)
6* Alert Lucas “Road to survival” #1


Wow! That’s some luck


Yup, I make sure to have enough coins to do a single pull on every promo thats worth it


1 6* Jessie


Up untill last week was on zero and then I levelled up and got 500 coins, did two single pulls and pulled red 6 star Jesus and 6 star Beta, I’m still in shock as I write this.

  1. Konrad and kirkman Rick


Got dual sword michonne on a 10 pull from coins I saved watching videos once.


As f2p I got jack shit. As p2p, despite pulling for several promo toons, I still got jack shit. Only time I got lucky was when I pulled Hershel from saved tapjoy coins.