How many power drums have been spent on the world?

How many drums have been spent to achieve the achievement of: raise your player level, twice in a row!. If the idea of $copely was to leave us without drums, I think he got it

10 world energy cans with BOTH XP bonus territories will get you an entire level when you farm the last stage of the 2nd act of the XP boot camp roadmap.

And that’s not even including the XP you get from other maps, that’s just power leveling on a Saturday. And a SR tournament is a great help at leveling up too.

Exactly. I hit a levelup a couple of hours before the early missions went live. I’m already more than 50% to the next, and didn’t burn any sr cans, and only two world cans for survivors and to get the event mission from the Thanksgiving event on the first day. It’s probably a bit annoying if you’re between 100 and 150, and therefore don’t have max gas but already have to deal with the increased levelup costs

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