How Many Posts Will Be Made About Leagues


Does anyone here have patience? Wait for the update and then wait for the notification that they are live. Its not going to be a surprise. Your not going to miss anything if you are 10 minutes late getting the update. Stop filling up the forums with all this nonsense and just WAIT. Sometimes people the simplest things so difficult


No there is no patience, not in the digital age.


Funny thing is forget about patience, it’s people’s negligence to actually read something, they clearly said in the announcement about league’s that they weren’t going to rush because of region transfers and they wanted to make sure everyone was in there desired region so it would probably follow the following week, cue the illiterate fuckers, when are league’s, I think they’re starting tomorrow, seriously its getting old how stupid people can be.


This is just another post about leagues lol


well done on the post that is a knock on people posting about leagues. starts applauding


Add 1 to the running total…gj


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