How many players participated in your regions solo level up so far

we have 700. I would think thats a pretty high number

1,003 in Colbert


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300 In my region

691 in Dougherty

922 in White, with a 2mil+ point threshold if you want in the top 100, 1.25mil+ top 200 :unamused:


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for 700 it seems really active to me

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440 in dallas

942 in Chambers

Lol. They won’t merge regions with less than 100 active players out of fear of bem quitting. Wow.

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676 in Bleckley (EN)

Always find it amazing that the fandoms in every region still have this game downloaded and log on and score 10 points lol

Why hello agent beanie

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392… But really only 250 or so trying in dale region

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I started in abbeville last week and there’s 5000 players there

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Dale has so many retirees, partly because of crw matchmaking, boo one wants to be continuous fodder

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1020 in Chilton and 710 in Chattahoochee.

Collquit 175 oyuncu

Show off…you are always top 5. Lol