How many people quit in your top 100

I was just wondering how bad it is in other servers. I play in lamar and 27 out of the 100 people in the top 100 based on reputation, have quit the game.

In this i look at people who are not in a faction or are in single player factions. Also a lot of then have names like retired or still have s1+ teams.

How bad is it in your server? Name your server and the numbers

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8 of the top 20.
15 of the top 100.


6/20 here.


7 out of top20
17 out of top100

3 of top 20
9 of top 100

2 of top 20
11 of top 100

15 of the top100 in Butler


6 / 100

Not noted as retired but without factions

Marion Region
1 in Top 10
6 in Top 20
17 in Top 100 (including those known to have retired but in troll factions)

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20/100 in Dade and
3 of top 20

15 in Morgan.

22/100 and 7/20 in Bleckley

Bibb: 30/100 10 from the top 20 5 from our top 10


Cook Region

5/10 (4 out of the top 5 have retired)

We were one of the original regions, I believe. So I don’t know if that matters … but it’s still depressing to see.

Almost all of our region is gone.We now have most slacking off (me) and most of top 50 is gone quit bye bye with quite a few in top 100 gone also The top 2 raiders stay for whatever reason.

In Dougherty give or take:


37/100 in Madison. Going just by factionless or those in “retired/dead” factions. I’m sure a handful may still be playing.

Evans Region


Some of those are on troll factions and just appear every once and again just to say hello on global chat and disappear into the mist again… lol

5 outta top 10 retired and 30 outta top 100 rip dallas

Only 4 in top 10 but due to time away they have been replaced really it’s 8/10 who has retired since 6* have been out

Warren has 18 top 100 that have completely quit, and another 8 that have dropped to lower factions and play here and there.