How many people have gotten The Governor from the Halloween wheel?

I’ve only seen 1 person who’s gotten them. They were someone random in my region lol

governor is pretty much completely irrelevant though so who cares how many got him, he wasn’t anything but annoying before s-class and now after s-class he’s still just annoying and one-shot, so getting him just means he gets to sit in your inventory until you need level up fodder

Not ever leting other team ar is irrelevant lol

dale, tobin and jesse are the most relevant on there, governor only stops you for as long as he keeps rushing, yellow alpha is equally as annoying if not worse due to her ap nuke, olivia is pretty annoying and likely much worse to deal with than governor, denise is at least a healer with neutralize and sherry is ok i guess


It’s very very easy to stop the governors chain, even for the AI. I ran him for a while. He was pretty dire.

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i raid behind a shield so they never get to him

he go right there

Idc he sucks all kinda ass

In my Alt account

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I’ve seen quite a few posts with him.

my bucket on the other hand was full of burts, cakes and a 5* Abe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I bought tokens for 99p in one of my minis and got green Olivia. Not to shabby for a level 28 account.


I got him from the free candy corn, but probably wont use him, as others have stated he really doesn’t fit in the current meta

He’s pretty good on attack if the other team doesn’t have a command. I use him in draft.

Et encore du burt évent à la con…

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