How many people did support screw out of Piper Event

So many guys were completely screwed out of Piper event, in many ways. Many people finally recieved all the missing items after the event ended. How many guys actually had support do something about the issue of sending items to us after the event ended.?.?
I was completely lied to by support saying they sent it before the end. Evan though they messaged me 3 hours after event was over telling me too reboot my game so items would show up. I’ve messaged them countless times and the responses they have gave me makes me want to do things i can’t say on here… once the event ended. They made their money they could careless about the players. They have NO intentions on ever making things right with the players. No matter what the circumstance’s are.

Why was it swept under the rug once event was over.
Why was NO ONE truly compensated.
I feel like a pingpong ball. @jb says keep appealing to support. They say nothing.
Back and forth, back and forth, never ending uselessness


I claimed all items in game but was given 15 of each in my inbox well after the event ended. I haven’t seen anyone from Scopely address why we were given them late. I probably could have done another Crossbone map for 150 more Benedicts if it was given out sooner


I received gifts after to but I didn’t know why I was sent them😔

And this is why you shouldn’t hand them any money…

(p.s. It’s “they couldn’t care less” if they could care less it implies they care at least a little bit more than zero)


If i would have know the end result i deff wouldnt have. :frowning:

I was literally 5 masks away form getting her so i spent 8$ and just bought the masks only to have 40 bats and 15 masks in my inventory the day after it ended

I fear you’re right. I used her with two different teams during weekend‘s war and I am pretty disappointed with her. If she had Neutralize as Special Skill she would fit better to me.

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I got 20 broken Lucille, marker did not update and did not get last supreme crate because of that.

Dunno if was screwed out of it other than not having the extra hordes event. But felt impossible getting all those milestones, am very active player but still missed a lot and gave up nearer the end. Just thought ridiculous amount of work to go into it

They take forever, never answer anything of value, & have no authority to compensate. “Try posting on the forums”

It’s like getting your car fixed by a librarian.


Is Anus a swearword now? Stop being 1984 Scopely and moderating critical posts.

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No piper. No coins. All Burt’s to Benny’s.

Couldn’t complete the territory. Not enough activity.

Plus we got absolutely nothing when the event ended and we were stuck with cross bones.

Waist of time.
If this is what RTS has in store for the game it needs to have the plug pulled.

What I see is that scopley is saying that logging in and playing our game isn’t enough anymore.

They have systematically nailed down the income from certain people and they are now targeting the other’s that might spend.

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