How many people are gonna quit after this lame war

General question this war is horrible


It’s dead as balls in Spalding thinking about quitting yes.We have a hacker faction and a few strays.Pizza hut opening near my house hmmm Good place to spend my money.


Transfer to a good region. Then war is fun


I’m in Crenshaw and there are only 10 factions participating in AOW. This region used to be very active, not so much anymore.

Only? So far we have 2 factions warring in ours.

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3* my bad

I’m not gonna quit but I am not trying very hard as the rewards sùck àss

Yea, Crenshaw used to have like 20 or 30 groups battling it out.

PPL voted to want AOW not CRW. These wars are great to recoup cans.

Could be worse, could be no war…

We had a lot more also, but sadly most have quit or left

garbage victory rewards…



Who gives a fuck about fun regions playing for 2 days for not even a full pull few skill trainers and 3 boxes of gear is boring… top 10 for CRW would got EVERYONE A PULL

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We gotta merge regions! Screw prizes, lets get more active factions together first

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How many people are gonna quit after this lame war! But still log in and play anyway after they are done pouting :rage:


The top 10 whale factions would get a pull :unamused:

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This is the state every AOW sadly but everyone still asks for it… bear the pain and move on.

Pros and cons exist on both sides. Better rewards in CRW for mid tier factions is a possible solution

This is a stupid thread such a call for attention quit if u wanna simple as that the games been much better the past month

Imo I’d rather have blitz war for inner region. Allows more factions to participate since it’s easier to fill for lower factions.
Week 1 Crw
Week 2 blitz
Week 3 Crw
Week 4 blitz
Even it was weekdaya would be more enjoyable then let’s say a levelup…and allow lower factions better rewards. Would also be nice to time to give gauntlets etc as milestones and rank rewards. Give radios and watches during other events and GPS and canteen on crws. In milestones as well also rank rewrds so that everyone can get them if they earn them by doing the 200k milestone regardless where they place.


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