How many people actually still play the game altogether?

Anyone know? I can’t imagine that many people do. The game lost thousands of players when 6* were released and people are still quitting to this day.

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Uninstalled last Friday. While I was intrigued by the upcoming new wheel updates, the arena and S Class updates make me think I’ll keep it uninstalled for the time being


none. because thankfully my friends arent as braindead as i am to play this greed simulator

i am very close to this now :disappointed:


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Out of my original faction, there are 12 of us still together. I’m very thankful to them for all they have done for me and spending these years together.

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I’m passing lead of my faction off on Monday and retiring after this war.

the bugs are getting to be too much. I’ve opened more support tickets with scopely this month than I have my entire life for any other game combined.

And the bugs might be bearable if support didn’t suck so bad

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