How many others farmed to get nothing from turkeys?

Can scopely give me my 35-40 cans and 5-6 hours back?


How many dont read the forum to find out it was fixed?


oh i did it last night and was one of the first to report it in chats to be fixed, i just got drunk after it

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i may have been the first one to share screens and say it was fixed now that i remember

Are you complaining that you weren’t able to cheat the system?! LMAO

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Yes , but i agree with him… why all the rest of the users won’t have same opportunity to have 500+ trainers more than PG cap in the roster? lol

Not exactly massive amounts anymore. So ridiculously unfair.

Because we didn’t go as hard as the big guns. Some people find a $20 bill on the ground while others find a toenail in their KFC… That’s life, bro… What I’m seeing is people :cry: over not getting to cheat the system…


The sad things is (again) that we’re not equal as users. And seems so clear that i guess it’s better to insert this sentence exactly behind Scopely’s logo

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wait so those screen shots i saw with all of the trainers dropping was a bug then and they dont drop anymore ?

damn id started farming as well so i could buy a turkey to run the map

My only question is: what will the December screw up be? :thinking:

Its still not clear to me it is cheating the system.
Never heard anything official from scopely. It clearly states earn massive amounts of trainers (which no one can argue is 1-2 burts). So, was it actually a bug?
The only thing for sure is that some players got a massive advantage over others.

welcome to scumply world. just dont judge them, the club will be equal to everyone.

When did you post? Was stated fixed on forums at like 5pm Eastern yesterday

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