How many of you are still excited about this game?

I know its 3 years old and all, but Is this all we have to look forward to?


i still get excited for CRW, thats about all


I left months ago, only on here still to keep in contact with people and remind myself why I left the game :joy::joy:


I quit couple times came back. It’s gotten way worse since I last left in October like before I could leave when they were only 5s come back and I’d be able to Still be competitive or make a comeback. Now, I’ve been back for a week and I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up with my 7 t3 6s. And not only did I miss gear they went ahead and added weapon combat mods as all these op toons weren’t enough to f*** u in defense. I’m still playing, 10 matchups and I manage to score 7k just about 40 more matches and I can reach 50k. These teams are insane, everyone has bonus hp toons revive toons and still constant healing which is bs. Some of these toons should be nerfed it’s only gonna be easy for people with Alice and alpha and those sort of characters. Any ways keep on surviving.


CRW is the only thing that keeps most excited now.

Not this CRW for me though.

No fix for mod removal (no surprise since it doesn’t hurt their revenue, they had at least over 12 hours to do it).

And then the reveal of 4 toons that smell of rotten carcasses as rewards.

Looking forward to more trash the next CRW :slight_smile:


not even crw get me excited after crap reward system


I use to get excited on war weekends but now I really don’t care.


It’s a great stress reliever watching your toons bash people around, I still enjoy the game regardless of rewards, at least the milestones are consistently good.


If you have Alice… your really enjoying the game right about now lol.


Great thing about being F2P and the new reward system is that you can’t lose what you never had lol. Just another day at the office


This is no longer a game for a long time.

Each of the events and game modes is super monetized and only gets worse, it’s like surviving a zombie apocalypse having to pay taxes to the government.


Excited enough to be here listening to complaining peeps

I get most excited when people complain about complaining


Same here, find out you spend more time worrying about war cans due to a lousy drop rate and even lousier offers. sort it out scopely .


6 stars were supposed to end power creep not create a even worse situation but the greed get us this point. too many revives too many bonus sp (not even gonna say revive combined with bonus sp) atm game involves zero tactics just pay and pray u get a good toon it is not even pay to win it is pay to maybe win, back in the day even with 1 or 2 good 5 stars u can tactic ur way with rest of ur 4 star toons compare that with today . (ps vk buyers not getting bans with all the proms we all know it and can’t do anything about it gg)


and we can see how many ppl still excited just by checking war records most of the regions suffered from our good old regular 8vs8 war i’ve checked alot of regions. most had 6 factions above 15 wars and it keeps getting worse a few regions still stands above that number yeah (start sarcasm mode) we are all still exited to see how it ends (end sarcasm mode)

I do a lot better now than I ever did in the 5* era…

it is not about doing better tho i do better as well i get hell alot more defended but do i enjoy it or do i see it worth tactics just put all ur free revives with a sandy or princess (taunter if u don’t have a shield )voila ppl will get mad at ur defence

This game is as stale as a dog turd. To keep the game engaging we should have entertaining events which make us actually enjoy the game. Instead, lvl up, sr, raid, war and repeat. Boring. Even events aren’t great anymore. Choose your side, the region one when you had to kill millions of walkers or whatever. The events these days are museum collections and that’s it. Don’t get me started on the p2w aspect of the game


In my opinion there’s far more tactics now. 5* era it was good toon vs bad toon. And you were strictly trapped to that model.

Now, there’s still good toon vs bad toon. But there’s weapons, mods, active skills, specialist skills (back end of 5* era I know but point still stands). Far more tactics to employ vs top teams as opposed to just toon selection