How many more Tire Roadmaps?

The Museum shows 3.5 days remaining to collect but that doesn’t mean we’ll have that many more roadmaps.

According to their Message: EVENT ENDS Thurs 8am PST

Road Rage/ Horse Power refreshes in 13hrs, meaning there are either 2-3 more of them in the event (most likely 2)

  • RR x 1,099t = 2,198 or 3,297t
  • HP x 556t = 1,112 or 1,668t

Cruising (58/) has ~7-8 more appearances 406 - 464 Tires

Events that give Keys:

  • Solo Raid (in 5 or so hrs) - 1 Key
  • Maybe 1 more (lvlup?)

Each event brings 1,183 batteries

So my guess is that there are roughly 2,604 + raid
but the keys are likely only for sale beyond tonight’s raid.

if you hit all milestones, that’ll likely take 110 raids or about 450 tires.

So really, unless there’s a Wednesday event, we’re looking about 3,050 tires. That extra event would bring that to 4,149 t

So good news if you’re in the 17k range… much lower and you’re in trouble and need to grind/spend (1000 T = 250 raids)

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It can be assumed that the last 24 hours won’t have maps or anything, just like previous events.

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This response is still valid for another four hours:

Excluding events/maps that have already started:
(Updated: Tuesday 2pm est)

1 x Cruising = _58 t
58 T total

3 x Cruising =_ 174 t
Road Rage = 1,099 t
_-solo lvlup (key) -confirmed by JB 2/12
1,273 T total

3 x Cruising =_ 174 t
Road Rage = 1,099 t
1,273 T total
–Event ends–

Remaining Event Total: 2,604 tires

I don’t think there is a last one, event ends 8am UTC.

I dont either.
but it’s not going to be pretty to see them shilling lug-nuts as the only prizes to an event when people are hunting for their last couple hundred tires. Typically there would be an event then.

At least everyone (read: @JB.Scopely) can see that a last roadmap is possible assuming they support the prize structure accordingly and not try to tempt the revolt gods.

I meant your last round of Crusin’. I think there are seven maps, excluding the current one.

But I would be pretty damn sure that there are no more Batteries/Keys after raid. Both the LU and SR end well after the last roadmaps end, so unless they drop in some tyres in place of batteries. Therefore 1 more key, 1182 batteries plus whatever you have left to get from the LU.

Scopely’s blog says event ends midnight pst on the 14th:


Remember, midnight is the start of the day, not the end. I don’t expect any roadmaps to start after 0800 UTC (3am eastern) on Thursday, Feb 14.


It is also Valentines day on the 14th so dont take your chances. Very possible there may even be a new collection, roadmap or event for vday (maybe)… dont risk it especially if you came this far.

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So times noted in inbox messages are now posted in UTC vs PST.

inbox messages usually use UTC. it’s midnight pacific, right when the roadmaps expire/reset, so not too hard to follow if you’re pst.

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And I echo peoples thoughts that it means that Wednesday the 13th will very likely be the last full day with roadmaps/drops, although i would strive to reach any targets sooner rather than later when it comes to drops, as scopely does not have a great track record there.

Aye, which is 8am UTC on the 14th - midnight is the start of the day, not the end.

Ah, let’s make up the rules as we go along. Could all collections run all the time since end dates are meaningless? I want to collect the rest of my February login rewards, the stash should remain past the end of the timer. :roll_eyes:

Yeah I’m not sure how I feel. Pleased because we have clarification, pleased because it works in the player’s favour, but a little disappointed that it is another example of not being able to rely on event communications…

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I’m guessing they like the smudge-room in case they miscalculated.
Vagueness is one of their favourite tools. (How many keys in the event?)

If they were firm, itd piss off a hell of a lot more people.

It’s simple math, we’ll for most of us. I’m sure it will prompt a few more sales hence not following their own rules. It means running thru Elite or Legendary in record time to meet the real end of the collections (assuming that doesn’t move too).

Not really all that hard to provide clarity more than a day in advance, I believe they knew from the very start they would do this… and if not, it’s worse, they just make it up. :man_shrugging:

Only good thing is we didn’t have to ask Support about it :joy:

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Fog of war … till the 2nd last day of the event.