How many hours have you played


In the last 30 days I’ve played nearly 110 hours :upside_down_face:
Found via game launcher app on android


Lame. Mine just says 1minute no matter how much refreshing i do lol.


Meh … not interested in checking


16hs a day game just runs in background on pc eh


Then why comment? Take the negativity elsewhere


Not sure how to get the time played on an apple device, but this is depressing:


Just trying to get ahead of the futile posts before they take over the forums


Click this…


Go to “battery”. My SS is iOS


Damn, also at 110 hours…


8 hours per day x 30 days in a month = 240 hours.
Wow. That was a sad realization.


1 hour in the last 24 on my phone. Will check ipad at home.


Is that background activity too? IoS shows both on screen and background usage.


I’m not sure. I’m on Android and have the same number that Twisty has.


eh not too bad. this is what happens when there is a levelup and nothing else cool going on


I have 5 million in this level up and sitting in 3rd. :confused:


98 hours in the last 30 days. :confused:


I’m at 46 hours (83%) for rts and 7 hours (12%) for line in the last 7 days. :frowning:


I wish mine said 2.8 hours. Realizing I’m actually IN-GAME for 8 hours a day which is insane.


Yes! Let’s please refrain from posting for the sake of posting. Please only comment if you are adding value to the conversation.

Thanks everyone!