How many hours do you play RTS a day?

No lie, as the game adds more features & with the constant events, I find myself playing the game for several hours. I’m embarrassed tbh… kinda addicted to it. How about everyone else?


. 23. And that’s only because the clock just went forward.


Well I believe you as it’s currently 3am and I’m sat on the forums talking about being obsessed with this game lol


i remember being obsessed with this game in the beginning, then i started to realize, either you spend, or you get really lucky. grinding probably don’t really work in this game, in my opinion.

i tried, and i have ground in this game. i remember when i would even play this game while driving by putting the phone on top of the steering wheel and tapping “auto play”.

but i’m not made of money, so… about 2 hours a day total now.


Usually a hour or less a day sometimes 3hrs.
Mostly collect stuff like failed weapons and retry.

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I think which makes the game more obsesssive is that Scopley implemented leagues into every event. You can’t even sit out anymore otherwise your rank will become lower. I hate SR and would happily avoid them but I don’t want to go down in leagues

Maybe about 3-4. I used to go maybe about 10 hours per day (every other game I had was boring and I would have a lot of free time) but they’ve started to lose me. Around January of last year I played maybe an hour a day if that just because it was getting stale.


It varies from day-to-day.

Hordes - like Onslaught - is a waste of my time. Rewards are not worth the effort.

War weekends I aim for 100k so I’m on a decent amount.

Raid tourneys I can hit 2400 in an hour and I’m done.

During Survival Roads I’ll try to hop on every couple hours to use my 8 cans.

Level-ups are usually why I get on but I’m down to just one non-maxed toon, Regina, but I need several coats and caps before she’s T4.

This week it’s been maybe an hour. There’s just nothing to do. Use some salvage tokens, add survivors to my 6-month legendary training camp, collect mod scraps and that’s about it.

War weekends I’ll be on for a 6-hour stretch.


2400 points in an hour? I’ve never seen that done (not saying you’re lying but considering I’ve never seen anyone have that amount in that short of a time span, it’s a little hard to believe)

Maybe a little over an hour but not much. Tourneys start 8pm my time and the sleeping pills have me knocked out before 10. Lowered defenses are a must. Just fly through very fast.


Yeah with lowered defences that’s a lot more understandable. I assumed it was normal defences, my bad.

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As of lately about 3 hours depending on the event. Sr I normally use my energy pop a can then let it refill and do the same. Farm survivors on auto while doing other stuff to keep tg going. Rarely go for any tts anymore because 90% theres a glitch and I dont get it anyways. Raid events typically do half first night and finish the next day. War is the only thing I’m on for all day. Normally take hour breaks to eat and what not but even that’s gotten harder to do as I cant use half my toons because no gear.

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Anything less than 24 hours a day means youre just not dedicated enough


I’d say anything less than 27 hours a day.

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2-3 hours a day unless its war than I usually go 10 hours

maybe 1 hours a day

Depends on the events. Lile this horde event i probably played like 3 hours total since it started

To much but i like the Game :joy:


to many. way to many. I play on auto during study but yeha

Its not how many hours its like how many times you check it (for me) Iam kinda addicted too I love twd rts

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