How many GPS and Canteens would you find fair?


Is 3 enough to aim for in a month?

Got em all… maybe 6 would have been better?


Yeah 3 is low for most with the number of 6 stars needed to t4. Its frustrating. Need a map or something else to get them from


I wouldn’t be surprised if their reasoning was that compared to the necklace and diamond ring events, this is being ran for a significantly shorter period and therefore, there’s less to get. They do it with shortened tourneys. But hey, I’m going to get what I can for my toons.


Overall I like these gear events. I would not put caps on items and include all gear from elite rare to gps/canteens. Got my new Erika a gps and a canteen. Too bad she’s still stuck at T1 til I get 4 camp stoves…


U had events running for 90 days with 6 of each less than 30 for 3 is better… Jesus people gotta stop complaining about non important stuff, dont u care more of the lack of gear in this event??


my issue is we usually get a set from crw and sometimes regular war but since they split it in 2 they didnt give us a set=/


For 1 month? 6. Nothing in last crw etc…

Ma n’y offres bla bla bla and we can t use our new toons ;/


oh unlimited lol. A unlimited gear event with a rotating character every say 3 months


Considering there was no canteens or GPS in crw rewards it is low. However with update 14 coming maybe it’s a reflection of them becoming more available ( wishful thinking maybe). I have 2 of each sitting because we don’t know when we will get next set of them have to prioritize.


it is a blessing that leagues will give out more gear, especially the more and more scarce lower gears. for that i thank thee scopely


I would say I’m good on gps and canteens I just need the other gear to t4 what I have left that I want to t4. So no gps and canteen buying for me. Just trying to hook up my other legendary gear reserves before I stock pile on gps and canteens.


They are always for sale, just like Albert said…


They need to limit the gear given #3yeargate,… Gotta make those 12 6* (for $36) a bit more expensive to level up.


Kinda surprised that people are more upset at it only being 3 canteens/3 GPS and not that T3 gear was completely omitted.


We don’t need t3 gear in the museum we need gear that is hard to get


Have you seen the current rewards scheme. It’s another chokeout unless you pay for gear consistently


Although I like getting all this gear, I still can’t use any of it till I somehow manifest a dozen each of tripods, knife shealths, etc. to upgrade to t3 and t4


Yeah thats where I’m at as well. This new collections got my gear locked bad.


Me too… Me too… SMH


I rarely use stoves… I’m out of school bags though and I can’t ever seem to get any from the farmable gear map