How Many Gold Bricks Did You Have?

I had 335 gold bricks.

I have 355

Would have more but cancelled SC.

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843 before claiming the choice box!

I cancelled sc last week though

  1. I think I missed a few roadmaps

Like 400-something. Glad to see my hiatus didn’t have a huge impact.

335 is what I had. So you may have missed a few

Enough for toon choice box and 21 knives

Toon + 9 knives. Had stopped doing the gold roadmap

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Enough for 15 knives.
Stopped doing the gold maps 3-4 weeks ago.

841 at the moment with todays due. :slight_smile:

Angel and 12 knives worth of gold bricks.

Had 355 gold bricks (no club member) and never missed any gold brick.
With the 10 bricks today it’s 365 gold bricks.
Picked Christa at the first time.

I thought I was doing good with 550 lol was able to tier 3 angel tho

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