How many gold bars do I have?

I have collected everyday and I am on SC have Christa at tier 4.
So how many bars should I have?

No idea but keep collecting them was the advise from JB

just like them dog toys :wink:

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Good point

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back to Sept 6 is 79 days X 14/day minus 880 for tier 4 equals 226 gold bars in inventory?
Unless I did something wrong with my math

Collect them so they can have no use just like the chihuahuas haha


Sounds about right.

I really don’t understand why an additional inventory slot can’t be added so we can keep track.

I don’t trust Scopely.

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I’ve stopped collecting them few days ago… and cancel the SC.
It’s hard to stay motivated collecting something for an invisible future reward.
We know their track record on keeping their word on past items has been pretty poor.

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The subscription is going to help with crafting these new weapons since you wont need parts like other will

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Crafting modifications for 5* weapons is harder than pulling a 6* toon for 250 coins ugh

I’m sure you can ask support if you really care

I don’t think it’s 226 days. It’s like nearly three months so 90 days. Ish?

You’re right jojo it should have been 79 days.
So I edited my post.
Sorry I used 226 as days but it should have been number of gold bars only.

@JB.Scopely can you give us the reason why we need to keep all those gold bars please ?

Two conversations about them so far.

I love it, that means people who don’t have enough now could still upgrade their chatacter in the future.

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Or a newer stronger toon

‘upcoming free s-class character will also be under the same upgrade pattern of gold bricks/knife.’

That makes me suspicious that it’ll be the same pattern but different items and we are wasting our energy on the Gold Bar map.

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