How many generation 2 characters do you have?

This is mostly a question for very light spenders/F2P. But how many do you have?

What is considered Gen 2?


Any toon that was released after and including Camilla
(Excluding John and Blue Maggie)

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I have 2. Eric and regina

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Pretty sure it’s when the base stats reach like 5300 or 5400 in total from what I heard.

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Yikes, how active of a player are you?

Not very

Douglas, Denise, Negan, Jackson and Romanov (5)

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I have Douglas too but he’s trash as a 6 star and I prefer his 5 star for SR

LOL, it’s enough for me at the moment… xD

Sorry doesn’t help me. Don’t pay attention to when the P2P toons come out. Thanks though.

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maybe around 60-70

Eric, Donny, Beta, Rick, Douglas, Charlie, Regina, Zander, Romanov. So 9 in total.

After using the ascendance tower to properly count, 13 in total if it’s those after Camilla

Besides John/Maggie from the choose your side event.

Yeah I left Maggie’s bitch ass out

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Also, counting dupes it would be 22

17 with maggie and a dupe tobin… 18 if i buy earl from leagues

Edit… Forgot i had ascended red rom

Douglas is not trash… Amazing vs sclass pete dupe mia and dupe negan setups


Alice, tobin, regina, eric, bac, elodie, earl and piper