How many factions warring

So with 8 regions warring… the leaderboard has 86 factions. That’s is ridiculous. Do something.

we have 116 smh

146 between 8 regions, less than 70 have scored 100k or more.

217 and matchmaking is still as lopsided as ever. Either a blowout or not a chance in hell. How is this possible?

140 over 100k

Fix your game!

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288 factions and 103 over 100k

80 factions from 8 different regions. 55 of which have scored more than 100k in war.

142 above 100k, 203 total factions on the leader board


Basically, yes. But it still keeps rising by the minute. 638 facs now in the LB.

Had 224 que up 160 100k points or better