How many factions are participating in wars?



Bartow’s count is 32, roughly 15 warring to any extent.


My gosh, this thread makes me want to cry. I can’t believe how bad it is for many of you.


Only 14, but really active around 4 on my region. Around 8 do play more than one mach but that is it. We deserved a Merge or new players on our region


First place faction in Greene is locked out… it’s been a slow war since we seem to only be able to war with the prison camp


25 in one region and 28 in the other.


26 in Richmond on board, top 15 factions have done at least 15 wars


38 in Montgomery


Hey grievs :slight_smile:


And the 4th place faction is STILL SEARCHING!!! Come on @kalishane , please ask the devs to do something, because Sumter is worse than you think.


32 in Bleckley. Seems alright for an old region.


I skimmed but Butts checking in


It’s weekend, you probably need to wait for Monday.


Well, I know this. I’m not stupid. Just by the time war ends it’ll be Monday here (it’s sunday atm).
I don’t mind waiting.


Never meant to call you stupid, she doesn’t respond to meantions from weekends, sadly, you’d better pm her


This is the situation in Coosa… 4 teams battling for #2… Wait times are good (5 minutes most of the time)