How many factions are participating in wars?


Are other servers as pitiful?


Same in old regions


It’d be neat to see a count of how many factions actually participate in war / any faction event. I imagine dead factions far outweigh minimally active ones. All those dead accounts still count towards server stats and inflate numbers of how “successful” this clown show of a game is.


4 in ours. 3 actually scored, 1 still searching cause of this stupid ‘new and improved’ matchmaking system.


Here is the leaderboard at this current moment in Sumter

The 4th faction has been searching since the beginning of war and has cancelled and reformed already.


I am in 2 regions and both show 23. That may be the default number of factions that the game shows. There maybe others playing that don’t show.


Good lord that is truly sad to see :cry:


Not wrong. Closed and dead. And I’ve reached out to Scopely and asked for reopening or individual migration but apparently Sumter isn’t bad enough yet.


Oh god if only! My region has 4! Well, 3 that have warred, the 4th is STILL waiting to match.


Zero regions


24 in mine


12 in Seminole



Factions warred: 17
Factions warring actively: 4-5


35 in Coosa


28 in Heard, about average for us.


Banks has more factions (34) than usual I think but overall activity is down.


Very low activity due to rewards on my server. No faction is fighting. There will definitely have lower revenu for scopely maybe they will learn the hard way and we will see better rewards next war hopefully


Our region feels dead but close scores


Omg, that’s horrid!


27 in Pike. Only 4-5 actively searching continuously.

I wish they would merge a region like Sumpter into Pike or give us more people overall our region was around 1000+ players just a few months ago. Its below 600 and still dropping at an alarming rate.
With #2, #3, #7, #11, #18, #20, #28 on leaderboard all quit or retired…and another 10 from 30-50.

#1 faction yet again had a guy quit yesterday, we are currently warring 29/30