How many facs warring?

I kinda agree with that. Some people are probably just coasting in the less active regions but still getting decent rewards. If they are pushed into a situation where they have to be active or not receive anything good, they may just walk away entirely

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15 total. 10 have 10 or more wars

13 waring in Long, 9 factions over 100k, 4 under.

Also you have to take into account that alot of people are not willing to move because of stashes reseting. If we could get a fix on this it might help some.

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16 in mine with 10 with more than 10. 6 with 5 or less. But one of those is my faction I got trapped in solo. Got some friends to make alt accounts and cone in to help me get a war. Do reality is 15 plus 1 with 6 alt accounts

12 with more than 10
27 altogether
About the same as usual for my region , maybe fewer hitting top milestone and a lot more zeroes but it’s hard to be certain of that

Filling in 2 regions, both similar stats, outside top10 fewer then 10wars, seem to be just 5 active factions,outside top5 scores plummet

There is nothing after 3 in case you were wondering. I got points in 1 war and that’s all I have done as we have no trouble filling for blitz.

Don’t care if I hit milestones. But yay!, I will get a pull on the wheel of dupes.

Wow. That is fricking sad.

Shamplay doesn’t care…here is a new toon for the spenders to pull for.

Does seem like activity has dropped, a sign the game is dying?
Hope not, but with scopely herding new players into new inaccessible regions I’m guessing many more there will be too many regions,and most will start resembling a wasteland soon.
On average I’d guess there are only around 300 low to high active players per region as it stands.

Why would anyone stay in a region where there are 90 players? Oh wait I know.


Well I region hopped around just to see the activity and of the 20 I visited all had about 16 total and 8 or so with 10 battles. The only outlier I saw was effingham that had near 40. I also saw zero close battles at top.


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