How many comics?

@JB.Scopely please let us know or find out how many comics are need to t4 Andrea… we only have the information of how to upgrade her to t2 on six star. Those last two amounts are an important piece of information (at least for myself) if I will be subsribing to the club or not. I will not without this information. This shouldn’t be a secret. Please provide us with a concrete answer.

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My guess 24

Yeah, we definitely need a number, not just a guess

He’s not allowed to tell us. It’s information that may prevent some from subscribing. If you want to know, pay up.


You’d think they’d give us this information. Normally when you pay for a service, you know what you’re getting!!

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That’s very silly because it can be between 8 (just a random number) and infinite (not even obtainable or close to it) …
Good luck for anyone for this guessing game. We’re talking about real money here. We would at least like to know what we are paying for.

And they would like you to just fork over the cash and stfu.

Guess which way they are aiming for it to go??

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I have a feeling that there something they aren’t telling us. Otherwise why withhold the information. Maybe to t4 her it’s a difference item than comics. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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same reason odds were hidden for years untill courts told games they have to display odds on lootbox’s, because even when we didnt know people were still throwing $$$ on this game, they know people will spend blindly on this game no mater what, so why bother, sure for every person on here saying they wont buy the subscription, 3 people in game are planing on buying it cause human shield and daily pull

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