How many comic books needed to tier SC Andrea?

Does anyone have a list of the comics needed to upgrade Andrea at each tier ? Thanks

If you search there s an image floating around. Too lazy to do it atm, but it’s on here.

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Don’t say i never did anything for ya

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Thank you, 6 comics a week, about 4-6 months , dang

u need a second mortgage

Yeah it’s a rip off but if you do not have a human shield her as 6star teir 1 or 2 with def mods and ads def weapon is this pretty powerful x3 def as 5star michonne which player still use, So if you have subscribed even with worse luck u get 30 comics for 5 weeks so 6 star version if lucky teir 2.

4+12+14+16+28+40=114 comics. even at 6 a week (minimum, this week i got 2 2 4, so 8) that comes to 19 weeks (-7 free days) so 18 weeks. 4 months. 100 dollars total for a guarenteed 6* shield with 40% bonus hp, taunt to 2, focus for 3, double 275% atk that can carry an abs weapon, and rainbow lead skill. lets take the bitterness about andreagate out of it and look at it this way. if i told you hey, i can GUARENTEE that you get a 6* shield with all of those traits for 100 bucks, and you only had to pay 25 a month for it. i dont think theres a person here who wouldnt jump at that. now after andrea is maxed, is sc worth it? only time will tell, but as of right now no, but while getting her, imo best offer this game has ever had.

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Yes, I’ll still be subscribed to sc because I enjoy getting free pulls, materials, food, and not have to waste craft materials when crafting. Its no ripoff imo.

Yes it’s not bad however 19 weeks a lot changes. It’s not like you get her now maxed and get a payment plan lol. That’s almost 5 months half the people likely won’t even still be playing.
Same with prestige michonne some still haven’t received her. She would of been a decent toon years ago.
Then we have Tara who a lot have now but are still waiting for flare guns to use her, and she would of been an awesome toon when 6* released, having huge ap and 40 attack for reds. However now we have several options with that skill and it’s not going to be exciting like it would of.
I imagine Andrea will be useful since she’s and shield, however by time she’s maxed there will likely be other shields out as good or better. Why not have her given as a 6* and have a healthy rotation of unique toons you can get from SC. This would draw in more people having more toons and being able to use them within a month of receiving. I would probably pay 25$ a month for something like that.

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