How many candles does everyone have?


Just curious as to what everyone has.
I have 7880 but I’m scared to post SS because JB might find my account and ban me.


7,980. I already completed the roadmaps and everything. Im not spending any money for 20 candles

  1. Hoping for two more tourneys in the next 5 days.


I’m on 7955. Hoping some candles turn up somewhere before the event is over.


At least you can see your score. That stupid leaderboard won’t load up for me just get a stupid grey blank screen.

@JB.Scopely Any word if you guys will ever fix this? Thanks.


Since my post keeps getting flagged, No jb wont ban you in game. 1. He is just a community manager 2. Even if he did want to ban you he is a normal player 3.He isnt like the old community manager.


7.980 :sunglasses:


7980,но я потерял доступ к аккаунту.


Hopefully the solo lvl up tomorrow gives more out.


How y’all 100 ahead of me? I hit literally every single milestone…


Got my Garret, well, not in roster yet but got the candles


You can run roadmaps before and after a region transfer, so you can get a few more that way.


Scopely won’t give u a free legend lol, there is a lvlup with no candles in milestones, wp scopely.


7980 candles here also

hahaha so no more candles in rewards but may be we will be able to buy those 20 candles for 100 bucks :slight_smile: awesome


What’s the point in the event running for another 5 days if candles are not going to be given out in any more milestones…seems weird and definitely frustrating.


9060 i have here


I’ve got…

No idea

Edit: sorry, not sure why that shows as a reply


how did you do that ?


Click tier rewards


i meant how did you get 9060 candles ?? i havent seen any one got that many !

i thought maximum were 7980 !