How many bears yall at?

Just curious…

I am still waiting for the gate to happen!

I hope it doesn’t happen during my exam bells.

I got in Jonesgate cause I saw the bag during lunch

I got 3 bears. Could of had 5 more if H wasn’t ■■■■■■■ premium

I am on 6 with no spending

I got one. Not a clue where from or where it goes though

Without spending 1 penny

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0 bears. Hurts my head trying to figure it out so played ps4 instead


wow grats!

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6 times in the area helped :joy::rofl:

6 bears no spending, no princess yet

0 not participating willingly, i will have enjoy the gate when it pops up.

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It’s pretty easy to get the first princess if you’re an SC member.

Complete the known letter missions for one bear.

Use the SC quill to get the H to spell the word THE for 5 bears.

Finish the roadmap for 3 bears.

Collect enjoy hats to get 3 ride tickets to complete the roadmap for the last bear.

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Oh. Gate already there lol

What gate u talkin pm privately if true

None yet

Ty Ricky needed someone to explain it :+1: appreciate it ty

none. I cant really be bothered.


11 so far I have 9 arrows need 1 more and 3 silver quills so I can run the roadmap for 12 bears

This is so complicated. I don’t understand what to do.

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Same! 0 bears so far

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  1. Just don’t care anymore
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