How many bans can you get?

How many times can u be banned before permanent ban. Asking for friend

How many bans can you get?

Pretty sure it’s 3 b@ns before the permanent 24/48/72h /permanent

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Well there is one way to find out… lol


If you are going to start a new competition you need to be clearer on the rules.

First is it how many you can get in x hrs or time based before a permaban kicks in.
Second start time. We need to know when.
Third is rewards. As you are using Scopelys game as a platform you must follow their mantra. So they must be quite good for the 1st event then get significantly worse thereafter.
Fourthly the tourney must be bugged. So maybe the list of naughty words needs be corrupted so words like “and” get included.
Finally if people like it, you must arrange future events but cancel & replace with a LUp tourney last minute.

I’m up for it if you can flesh out the details


I’ve had 3 b@Ns and still playing. I’ve made sure I watch my mouth these days. Can’t call someone a twonk without getting reported. People need to get a sense of humour !


:joy::joy::joy: pfffffft

7 suspensions and still going strong.

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