How many ascendables will be on the next list also

Will any be ones we have in our roster now like Tye was? Just want to see what people’s predictions will be?

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Hoping OG Zeke is on the list. Maybe even Kenny.

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I only want Mark


I hope there’s at least 1 that’s in my roster, won’t make the same mistake in getting rid of one before knowing like I did to Gator.

@The_Pope every thread i click on you are campaigning for mark :rofl::rofl::rofl: and i must say…I LOVE IT

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This mark? Is there any other… Can’t remember

Could be a boring healer… How would you build him? 60% damage to alert lead?

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drop the lead skill for evasion, two turn heal and 50 def, 66 ap?

I want javier to be one. I mean there is no other one am I correct?

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Correct except… Dante looks just like him lol

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Interesting. How about heal for 2 turns elusive for 2 turns to 3. 66ap. I really want 2 turn elusive =-)

They bloody better be! I don’t mean in everyone’s roster, and it is inevitable that most will be rarer 5★ (similar to Connor, Aaron etc) but I think there will be outrage if there aren’t a handful of highly owned or easily available ones

But not blandrea. She should be in the bottom 12.

Thats the one. It doesn’t matter how good his 6* is, i need him

Better see OG Rick being acendable

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I don’t think we are ready for 2 turn elusive. Especially not to 3 on 66 ap. It will make RTP ricks rush look crappy

Muwhahahhahahaha Donny will be ascendable lol

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I’d like to see Morgan Special Morgan Made ascendable

There is also Kirkman Edition Rick with recovery revolver, Retribution and 400% damage + 100% AP refill rush.
I hope he appears in the list.

I agree but elusive is sooooooo good. Currently not viable but damn could be amazing. Covering Koa is the goal, issue is it doesn’t guarantee Koa coverage, Rick too slow

I kept many 5* just to see the futur ascendables.
@kalishane the guy is still sick?

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