How many are in the enemy camp


Scopely, could you please put a way to see how many people are inside the enemy camp, the same way you have in the boss, it is frustrating for you to spend refills, get into a camp and appear that the enemy was destroyed, or when that enemy is the last one appears and the battle is canceled and you lose the queue because you did not know that there were already people inside.

In this way we could also redirect our atk to other camps, since there are already people inside the other enemy with low life.


Great point, I am so tired of not getting credit for a last hit just because someone hit enemy first. With no way to see if they are already engaged, is a waste of time and effort.


If your team communicates and uses chat properly there shouldnt be any problems with attacking camps or wasting refills


Yeah wow a super good argument there to not make something easier in game. That’s like saying we don’t need breaks on cars, because if we communicate well maybe we will never have to break.

Or is this your shitty way to show off that you and your faction are so super good to communicate well? It’s a thing about comfort we are talking about here. Ofcourse we can do all kind of things ourselves, we can start reading maps instead of using navigation again too. But in my opinion we should strave to make things easier instead of more annoying.


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