How many 5* tokens have you saved up?


How many have you saved? Post screenshots!


Why do you save them?


I dont need the fodder for more ascendance, and perhaps they’ll clean up the wheel and add better characters to it


I have 48k. Though telling them this is probably incentive for them not to update the wheel.


Post a screenshot! 48k is a bunch!


Rounding error


20k, got ascendable Abe and revive Abe.

I cant wait :(!!!


Amateurs :joy:


Im sure someones out there with 500k :stuck_out_tongue:


Snap, 30k here too! Along with a bunch of Lucille/prestige/elite character tokens, just saving up for a big batch pull at the end of the event. Get all my disappointment in one fell swoop, y’know?


Haha man same here!



Holy smokes! Youve been saving for ages


Actually, I have used quite a few, lol


Damn! Insane.


Not as much saved up


@DomoOrigato and @pointman18 on what do you wait?
Until better 5* are coming or what?


I stopped opening after a Caroline pull. And then opened once the wheel was updated – not realizing 6* would land on us make pretty much every 5* the equivalent of Caroline. DOH :scream::grinning:


omg how do you have that much self restraint? i pull as soon as i muddle 10k tokens together. teach me your patience skills senpai


I’m only pulling at this point for Kate and Blue Kenny, otherwise I’d have 30k