How long will it take?

How long will it take before Scopely acknowledges the fact that Territories are a buggy broken mess? It’s completely unforgiven that more than a year after their feature launch they still crash your game 60% of the time, lock themselves if someone was hitting and crashed, or arbitrarily take your territory energy. The fact that they launched after the same feedback from beta was bad enough, but now it’s been A FULL CALENDAR YEAR with no fix. Can it even be fixed @JB.Scopely?? It’s an issue that affects every single member of the active player base at some time or other on an extremely regular basis.


If they could make a profit or if they were losing money from the territories being broke it would already be fixed . Since that’s not the case they don’t care bro


They haven’t fixed terris yet because clearly the problem isn’t them, it’s everyone else’s cheap ass phones :roll_eyes:


Scopely acknowledges it, they just don’t care.

Guess I should have gone for an iPhone XS instead of the XR doh!


Every problem solved with your wallet bro.

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Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you.m.m.


Please just remove territories in total and just give everyone all the bonusses permanently. Crafting,xo and survivors found at least


So territory’s crashes device specific. I have a iPhone 8. I guess iPhones are not compatible with the territory coding I crash every other time after I assign a team.

My phone never has crashed on territories after the update and my phone is an iPhone 5

Always that 1 person who says its never happend to them lol has nothing to do with your phones people, it is the company that is hosting the servers, to fix this would cost money, take time and be work which we all know scopely wont do cause of those 3 things


Honestly I think it is something about how active territories are at the time but that’s just me

Are territories even making them any money?


I would guess not, hence them never being adequately fixed

They already know. They’ve even said they see no problem with it, so there’s that. Don’t count on them ever changing that.

I’ve always thought it was an issue linked to the pop up offers/push notifications that occur shortly after opening the app or at random times? Maybe, maybe not. Still annoying tho.

When you attack a terri on your phone, that data is sent to a server which is sent to the defending persons phone which that data is sent back to the server and then back to your phone, somewhere during this transaction is messing up and crashing the game. It is server side, it is the hosting provider that scopely uses. Its true it isnt that easy to fix but it is also true scopely doesnt care and it wont be fixed. Can it be fixed? Yes it can. Will scopely put the money, time and effort into fixing it? No they will not. Although since leagues and the last update it has seemed to get worse, this being i would assume more people are hitting terris for leagues which causes the transaction to happen which causes the crashing. All in all, get used to it cause its not getting fixed. Just make sure no terri energy is ever purchased, maybe that income loss will get scopelys attention more. Money talks! :money_mouth_face:

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This is what confuses me. Is it not the same for war, raid or faction onslaught? How do those modes not have this crashing issue but territories do. They all involve you attacking a team and data being sent to a server then to their phone and back.

I do notice in war and onslaught being more laggy, raids seem to be fine for me. Something with terris is having a hard time being stable, somewhere during a terri exchange something goes wrong and boots you from the game. Maybe people have crashed in onslaught, raids, wars, i havent yet, knock on wood but wouldnt be surprised if this is common also. If it was our phones like scopely claims then the person who commented they never crash on an iphone 5, someone else with an iphone 5 should never crash also. What i am saying is scopely is lying, as per usual and something in territories when being attacked is causing the crashing, not anyones device, scopely trying to get people to buy a new phone lol

Oh I completely agree with you. Just funny how one feature is glitchy yet the other features who have the same principle work “fine”. Definitely more to it than just being our crappy phones.