How long until people call for Alice to be nerfed

Screaming for nerfs seems to be all the rage these days, and Alice is arguably the most powerful character in the game…and a revive. So I’m taking bets, let’s set up pool, lets lay down some odds. How long until “they” call for a nerf, threaten to retire, and what are the Odds closely Scopely actually does nerf her…or “fix her bugs”

A character I’m never going to see on defense to be a nuisance? Idc if they nerf her or not because pretty much everyone’s just using her on attack, which is already easy for whales


Yep f2p wont care about her as they will never see her as she is not a def toon, nailed on the head.

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I can’t see many people wanting her nerfed or her ever being nerfed. Just wish they made a free character with the leader skill for reds and greens.

Buff other people

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I didn’t even think of that. Ive never called for a nerf and dont understand why people do, so i don’t fully understand what qualifies some people to want to see one toon nerfed and not care about others

First person already nailed it. I guess she could be used on defense but I doubt it. And P2P tip through the f2p defenses with or without Alice so nobody will even know if it’s because of Alice or not… one thing is for sure, she’s an animal on attack. Great toon.


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Her lead skill is similar to revive carl, they are both revives. I already forgot what Carl’s active skill is but u dont see her as being that much different from carl other than she is a 6* 2.0 release

High five! Wooooooo

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