How long till we get the reward from the cake 1st event?


Hey guys is it known how long till getting the rewards from cake event?


Due the current issue with cakes i hope as long as they fix this shit and we get cakes.


Game says up to 72hrs to receive rewards so gives them a few days to hopefully sort out the mess of the transfer scores not showing


my score is looking just fine, so i expect to receive mine like the regular rewards in 10min-1 hour after the events end, if not that`s bullshit


last event of this nature took 24hrs at least for almost everyone in my faction. so i expect nothing different, but will be surprised if its quicker. I will get a pull soon as they arrive, so definitely anxious.


i wouldnt be surprised if they fuck me over. i bought 2 cake crates 2 mins before the event ended to get in top 1000, but the last 55 cakes from the last crate didnt count in the leaderboard so i ended up on 1003. If i get 30 tokens i`m done with this game


I had 1106. And was on place 800. So I hope this will stay and I get 45 Tokens.


nice. its not my problem that they had shit tracking on this event, not to mention how bad the leaderboards page is. If i dont get my reward i worked for, im not gonna send them a ticket to solve it, i`ll stop playing


Yeah I was at 900 and I’m 420 cakes short so I hope it doesn’t stay the same


I have 1267 cakes but the leaderboard says 877 and in 1029th place… they need to fix it. I at least deserve to be in top 1000.


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