How long does a fridge take to get cold?


A piece of my fridge burned out last night and i replaced it a few hours ago, and its stitting at 55 degrees after a few hours.

How long should it take to get to a cold temperature? Its pretty large and empty right now, so im hoping its just taking awhile because of the size.


Try googling it.


Oh is this not the fridge repair forums


Is the room temperature 55 deg. Cause then it ain’t working.

Also did you release the refridgerant while doing your repair? Cause it don’t work without it.


Its 76 in house

No refrigerant was leaked, just replaced the overload relay as it burned out. Im guessing there was a power surge when i wasnt home.
Slowly getting colder, just not sure how quickly a fridge cools to operating temperature


Can you convert to centrigrade? I’m assuming you’re working in ye olde Imperial units


Unless he’s working on his fridge in an oven/hot box. Lol


About 13 celcius in the fridge, 24 in the house


Or your motor/compresser is trash and was trying to draw too much power.


I’d estimate, based on licking my finger and sticking it in the air, that whatever fucked your fridge before is still going at it


Here I’ll help since you clearly do not have access to the internet.


Cool thread :laughing:


No, warm thread and that’s the problem. :wink:


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With what i spent on that part probably 150-200


Usually 2-6 hours, based on cubic feet and or whether its a side by side or top and bottom configuration.


Im gonna forget about it until the morning and check then, i’ll keep ya updated


This is like funny. @JB.Scopely can we get a definitive answer?


Can you please contact in-game support and ask for assistance? I’d be really curious to see if you get a generic ‘sorry to hear about your fridge problem’ email from Edison.