How long can a leader be unactive until they're replaced?

I need to know. Im leader of a faction and i can’t log onto the game.

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2 weeks, should be anyway

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Ignore this post. Just a good example of how you should read the opening post properly before proffering advice.

Depends how long they have been inactive or if they have an account in a different region, could take hours to weeks

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That is what I said before I realised that OP is the leader, so they’ll have a pretty good knowledge of how active they are in other regions :laughing:

Happy Birthday btw

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Oh lmao I just read that again :joy::joy:

Thank you

Wth are you on about

I responded something similar to what Khaleesi said without reading that you are the leader, and not that you’re wondering where you leader has gone.

Therefore I replaced my post by saying “ignore this post”

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