How long ago ? 15 characters




How long ago was Abraham buffed. I could’ve sworn he was 76ap when he was released now it’s showing he’s 45ap…


This recent update.


Well is it a bug or something new and we’re they any other character buffed debuffed?


yes they buffed 2nd most useless toon in the game

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Actually he ain’t that bad and now with the buff I think I might ascend him

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Reported bug no?
Might want to wait on that Ascension it might get fixed rendering him useless again.


This was an error…

The update was supposed to give him a 160 AP Rush


Who’s the most useless? Yellow Kirkman Negan for me


Jb has stated he didnt think it was an intentional change and has brought it to the teams attention. Ie might be a bug

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