How Lilith met Aiden broken hearts Fan-Fic


How Lilith met Aiden – a fan-fic broken hearts story and perhaps potential roadmap? :wink:

Lilith. She thought to herself. This wasn’t always her name. She took on this name after all hell broke loose when the dead rose up and started to slaughter the living. She chose this name for very bitter reasons. In folklore Lilith is a demon who kills babies and kids. In her case, she had to do the unthinkable. Back when things where simple her name was Katherine. Katherine was a preschool teacher in Cynthiana, Kentucky. She wasn’t really happy with her job the kids were a bit too much for her easy going way of life.

When the disaster struck Katherine had to lock herself and the kids inside their classroom. She wasn’t sure back then what was happening. Her small town mind couldn’t come to terms with the dead walking the streets killing the living. Of course the hysterical children begging for their mommies and daddies, crying for food and water didn’t make things easier on Katherine. On their second day she knew she had to find food and drink for the kids. One of the children, little Paul wasn’t feeling well. He had an infection it seemed. She would have to find him some medication. She put the two strongest kids in charge of the rest and told them to keep the door locked and be quiet and to not open it for anyone except herself when she gets back.
The halls of the school looked like a scene from a horror film. She didn’t see any bodies. Maybe most of the older children and other teachers got out. But why didn’t they come for her and her class? She felt very unnerved and on edge as she slowly walked through the halls. Very much aware of her shoes making clicking noises as she made her way to the exit. Looking through the glass doors her mind felt like it was about to explode.

Stone cold fear and disgust washed over her as she gazed upon the dead roaming the streets. Guts hanging out of their stomachs, some without arms, bloodied upper bodies still crawling around without legs. This was too much. She had seen little glimpses of what was happening outside but could never really make out due to the kids being curious and they would definitely not handle it well. Her back felt for the wall and she sank to her knees just sitting there turning off her mind for a while. She didn’t even notice at first the hand squeezing her shoulder hard untill the fingers dug into her shoulder. She jerked away and looked at who grabbed her. It was Mr. Beck! However it wasn’t the normal old 6th grade history teacher everyone loved because his wife always brought muffins, it was a version of him straight out of a horror film. Bloody, dirty and missing part of his lower jaw and a leg. It’s tongue was flopping around madly as he crawled towards her. Katherine kicked at it numerous times but it wouldn’t back off. She got to her feet and tripped as it got her by the ankle. They struggled for a while and then she saw the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall behind them. She noticed he was trying to bite her so she grabbed her jacket rolled it and punched it into his face. He let go of her ankle and she got up and ran to get the extinguisher. She pulled it of as the thing rotated towards her. Seeing the mangled corpse like thing with the dead fish eyes making its way towards her made her chest hurt. She clicked of the pin and used the extinguisher on it. Foam filled its head and body but it was still coming. That tongue was licking around the foam. He was inches away from her and she knew what she had to do. She lift the can above her head and brought it down hard on its head. There was a mushy crack and a dull thud and then it stopped moving completely. Blood and pieces of rotten brain splatter on her face and hair and she stood there shaking violently. After a while of standing staring blankly at the body she seem to have adjusted and calmed herself down. She stepped over it picked up her jacket and wiped her face off. Still lightly shivering in the crisp night air she made for the exit.

There’s a grocery store with a pharmacy just over the street. If she could get some supplies and help things would be a lot better for her and the kids. Again the scene outside was horrible. Crashed cars, fires burning in the distance, the smell of rotten flesh everywhere. A few bodies lay scattered in the streets and she noticed they all had head trauma. This seems to kill these… She saw another one walking very slowly coming in her direction but not noticing her. She backed into a bush at the main exit gate and waited as the dead woman started passing her. Just as she walked past a hand clasped over her mouth and an arm over her shoulders…
Her scream was muffled out by the persons hand. She struggled and kicked and tried biting. “hey now calm down I’m not gonna hurt you!” said a semi familiar voice. She stopped and he removed his hand from her mouth. She spun around and kneed him right in the crotch, instinctively of course. As he cringed and grabbed at his crotch she noticed it was Aiden. The new substitute science teacher. She had only seen him a few times earlier this week but never spoke him as he looked very charming, too charming. She knew his kind and he was most likely a player. All the other female teachers swooned at him during break time. “Jesus was that necessary?” he panted. “Was it necessary to grab me from behind? Do you have any idea what I’ve be through tonight?” she asked daring him to mess with her. He looked her up and down. “I think someone just had her first encounter with a walker.” She looked at him, “You’re calling them walkers?” he nodded, “Well, they’re dead but still walking,” he said amused. She suddenly felt a strong dislike this this tall handsome man. “If you’ll excuse me I need to find some food and drink for my kids so kindly move aside.” He looked at her again as if noticing her for the first time. “Hey I know you, you’re the preschool teacher right?” she nodded. “Shit and you still have kids in your class room? Alive?” he asked. “Of course alive what did you think?” she scowled him. “Man oh man. Lady do you know what’s been happening here?” Annoyed she pushed pass him. “I have a fairly decent idea. A virus or something causing people to kill each other and turn them into these monsters?” she heard herself say the words but it felt like a stranger talking. “I think it’s a little more complicated than that. I’m thinking bio-terrorism.” She kept walking in the direction of the store. He followed. “there’s nothing left in there. You know,” he said. “what do you mean nothing left in there?” she asked annoyed. “Like I said you don’t grasp the magnitude of what has happened here. We’re on our own. Everyone still alive is on their own. The stores have been looted on the first day.” He shrugged. “Where’s the police. Swat, the extraction crew?” she asked. “Lady wake up. This didn’t just happen here in good old Cynthiana. This has happened all over America. All over the world I’d think.” Katherine didn’t think she could be shocked anymore. But she didn’t believe him. How could she? Believing him would mean she’s all alone having to keep herself and her class alive in this hellish situation. No they will come for us. This is a small town there probably assisting the bigger Towns and cities first.

She opened the door and when she walked inside Aiden’s words came true. It was empty. Except for the bodies and litter strewn throughout. She put her hand on her mouth. “God. What am I going to do to feed those children,” her voice was hoarse and soft. Aiden put his arm around her shoulder. “I’m sorry. But you need to stop believing that it’s gonna get better. It’s not. You weren’t here when this all went down. People killing each other for food and water. Ambulances and police running people over to get out of town. Mass chaos. Death everywhere.” She still disliked him for being so callous but his arm around her felt soothing with all the horrors around her. She looked at him and he brushed her hair to the side. Was he trying to kiss her at a time like this? “seriously stop,” she said. “Uhm there’s some pieces of what appear to be brains in your hair. It’s be distracting me ever since I saw you, sorry.” She threw his arm off her shoulder and walked out to the pharmacy aware of her cheeks glowing red. The pharmacy was locked but the windows broken. She saw a few of the so called “walkers” on the other side but she could still make out some packages. Maybe they have something to help Paul with his infection. She picked up a thick pipe and started climbing through the window. “are you mad,” Aiden asked her. “I’m going in there and I’m getting some medication for a sick child. You can help or keep quiet,” she whispered back. “Sorry you’re on our own, just remember headshots are the only thing effective.” He said. “Oh gee thanks. See you around, coward.” She saw his face harden and become grim but she ignored it and snuck inside. She made her way undetected to the back of the pharmacy. She saw a blister pack of Tylenol and what appears to be antibiotics. Just what she needed. She reached for it but a walker grabbed her from below a desk. A hard shriek escaped her mouth and she broke free climbing on top of the desk. However the two walkers inside heard her and were making their way towards her. “oh shit!” one was bad enough with a missing leg. Now three of them and all she has is a stupid pipe. The window was too high up. She’ll have to time a jump down and rush past them. Angst filled her. And she reminded herself there’s nothing wrong with being scared shitless at being trapped on a desk with three undead creatures trying to eat you. This was going to be close. They’re spread around the table. BANG! Her heart fell through her tummy. BANG! BANG! Three shots and all three walkers keeled over. Horrified her eyes scanned the room. “You’re welcome, now let’s get out of here,” said Aiden lowering his pistol. Shivering Katherine thanked him. Aiden took her hand and led her back to the school. “where’s your class? I’ll walk you there. I know where we can get the kids something to eat.” Katherine was surprise at the sudden change in Aiden. When she met him a few minutes ago he seemed like a pompous joker. Now he’s her stern faced saviour.

She knocked three times and then two times more, her signal for the kids to unlock the door. They all came and hugged her and started talking at once. Except Paul. He was looking much worse. She led them back in and quieted them. “I’ll knock the same way you did when I come back it should only be a couple of minutes. Lock up,” Aiden said and Katherine complied. She went over to Paul he was burning up and not very responsive. “Will he be okay Mrs. Kathy?” asked a little red haired girl named Jessie. “I brought him some medication hopefully it’ll work,” Katherine comforted her. “Go get me some of the water please Jessie,” she asked her. The girl ran and came back. Katherine unscrewed the top and took one antibiotic and one half a Tylenol and put it into Paul’s mouth and made him swallow with some water. God I hope this work please dear God help him she silently prayed to herself. Her knock pattern was being knocked on the door and she opened up. Aiden was there smiling again with bags or crisps and tinned food, cola and water. The kids cheered. This was the happiest she’s seen the kids since that day. Aiden helped her to spoon some cold soup into Paul’s mouth. He drank a couple of spoons and then went to sleep. Aiden went to the desk at the door and sat down. Katherine went and sat next to him. “I haven’t properly thanked you. You saved my life and the kids. I really misjudged you,” she told him. He smiled, “No problem I’m thinking of adopting one of these kids, the little blond boy looks kinda like me, you know after you kneed me in the-” Katherine punched on the shoulder laughing hard. “I’m sorry I was scared,” she then told him of the teacher she had to kill in the hall. “It’s not people anymore. And you didn’t kill it. It’s already dead.” She don’t know why but in this moment here and now he made her feel safe. They stayed up talking until midnight. The kids were all asleep. It seems Paul’s fever has broken and he looks much better. Aiden excused himself and said he was going to take a shower. The thought of a shower seemed dreamy but it’s a pity you have to cross a nightmare to get to the showers. She’ll figure out a way to clean up tomorrow.

She Must’ve drifted off because she woke up to Aiden screaming her name from outside the class room door. Then she noticed its not just him screaming its the kids as well. “Dear God no! Aiden help!” she cried tears streaming down her face at the horrible sight unfolding in front of her. “I can’t get in unlock the door!” he yelled back frantically. Some of the kids have turned into these horrible walker creatures and were attacking the others. Katherine saw Jessie in a corner and a boy forcing him on her trying to bite her. She screamed for help. Katherine ran and grabbed her and put her at the desk and told her to open the door for Aiden. Katherine then ran into the fray and grabbed as much of the kids who were still alive. Aiden was there helping. Katherine noticed some of the kids were hiding in the cupboards and that some they saved were hysterical. She told Aiden to get them to safety and come back. He grabbed Jessie and the other 3 kids and hurried with them into the corridor. Katherine headed towards the kids screaming for Help and 7 or more of the infected children scratching and biting at them. Katherine made her way but the infected children noticed her and ran at her trying to bite her. “Please dear God don’t make me do this please please please!” she screamed as she pushed the children away from her as she tried freeing the trapped ones. ‘they’re not alive anymore. You can’t kill them’ Aiden’s words kept swirling around in her head. Looking at the two trapped kids inside the cupboard bloodied, scratched screaming for help - she snapped. She walked back to her desk grabbed the pipe from last night and let them have it. Each of the infected children trying to kill the other kids and herself. Thud. Billy Johnson. Headshot. Thud. Theo Roberts. Two hits to the head. Thud. Britney Porter. Side swing the head. She continued until all of the walkers weren’t moving anymore. You can’t kill what’s already dead. You can’t kill what’s already dead. She stuck her hand out to the two in the cupboard and they hesitantly grabbed it. She told them to keep close. They didn’t make a sound. Aiden found them halfway down the corridor. “Katherine… What happened. Where’s the others?” She kept walking. “Already dead. Where’s the kids you took with you?” Aiden saw by her emotionless expression and gore stained clothing along with the pipe dragging in her hands and the expression on the face of the kids that he shouldn’t ask questions right now. The rest of the night went by fast tending to the six wounded children. Neither Aiden or Katherine spoke much. What they unfortunately didn’t know is how the infection spread. All of the kids except Jessie got bit and died that night. With each of them dying from a horrible fever and coming back to life, Katherine had to put them down again. Aiden volunteered but she said it’s her responsibility. She came undone with every child that passed away. But she hid it all deep down. There’s no place for weakness anymore in this world.

Aiden looked after Jessie that night as Katherine went to take a shower. She turned every faucet in the bathroom open hot water sprayed and the whole bathroom steam up. Then she collapsed and screamed and cried and let every pent up emotion leave her. She laid there naked and vulnerable on the floor as the shower turned cold. After what felt like an eternity she stood up dried of and put on her clothes and made her way back to Aiden. They didn’t sleep much that night. Jessie preferred to sleep with Aiden and Katherine didn’t mind. She still felt raw from this ordeal. The following morning Aiden suggested they burn the bodies of the kids to make sure walkers didn’t eat their them etc. Jessie wanted to help to say goodbye to her friends. Katherine said there would be more situations like that and they couldn’t shield her from this. Aiden didn’t agree but luckily didnt protest. They placed all the bodies next to each other and Jessie made drawings for each of them. Katherine found Paul’s body and sat him down on the far side. His limp arm fell side ways and then she saw a little medic alert band on it which read penicillin allergy. Katherine gasped. Without a word she ran back to the classroom where they stayed and grabbed the pills. She read through the antibiotics. Amoxcillin 500, contains penicillin. She felt as if she was choking. She caused this. He was allergic to the antibiotics. Utterly defeated she didn’t know how to face Jessie and Aiden. Katherine took out a pen and started writing on a piece of paper she found.

“Dearest Aiden and Jessie,
I’m sorry for everything. It’s all my fault. I gave Paul drugs he was allergic to and he must have died during the night and infected the others. It was never my intentions but my recklessness caused innocent lives. I won’t let my weakness do they same to you both.
Aiden please look after Jessie, you said you wanted to adopt a child. She’s a great child. Maybe one day we’ll meet again. But it won’t be as Katherine. My new name is Lilith. Only as a reminder to never forgot what I caused. You’re a great person Aiden and I wish I could get to know you better.
Keep surviving.
P. S. I’m borrowing your pistol.

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Wtf I’m not gonna read this lmao how do you even have this much creativity :smiley:


Boredom. But read it it’s guuuuud




I liked the keep surviving bit. Was very scopelyish.


Obviously hahaha


It is guuuuuuuud ! Thanks for the read :grinning::grinning:


I really enjoyed that.Thank you for sharing!


Good story! Wonder if we can expand it to the scale of theses two


Ooooohhhhhhh ideas


Little nitpick: Usually, a new spoken line from a character (barring short pauses for detail) is a separate paragraph.

Implementing this would help to break up the large paragraphs in the story, which at the moment are imposing walls of text.

Another thing to look out for is redundancy: using an uncommon word multiple times in a short span. Think of each word like an active ability. You have to wait a bit after using it before you can use it again. For example, when Lilith knees Aiden in the crotch, avoid using the word “crotch” in the following sentence. There are plenty of synonyms, and it’s a funny situation, so you have the opportunity to capitalize on it with creative word choice.


:open_mouth: noooooooo, I hope they meet again :frowning:


Good job. I enjoyed reading it.