How is TOC opponent playing?

The one we are facing is only using 4 factions.

Ours only has one up while 6 of us are qued.

Only 1 Faction warring… and our top faction can’t get them. gg. we lose

Same, we have 7 spinning… they have 1… great format.

Zero shortage of opponents here.

Yes I’m in a raid region.


Ouch… everyone cant war? How will you ever be able to handle not getting wd tokens? That ivanova is surely worth waiting 4 hrs to war right?

Missing on the extra league trophies.

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iM iN A rAiD rEgIoN.

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It just started. Lol.

Chat is hilarious with over reaction.

This is just gonna be a bad experience all around.



Nobody could have predicted this. I’m still waiting for a whole region to shut down and stop with a lead. Pretty please someone do that.

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Whales throwing salt over basically everything I’d imagine. Matchmaking to feeder factions to bs region strategies. Even worse when they are all in the same large line chat lol. I never wanted to be a part of it buy maybe I do now just to watch the anarchy

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This was a ridiculous format and it’s beginning to show.

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Everyone knew it would be. We all warned them. They didn’t listen. They are going to lose customers over this.

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Our region was just going to war like normal. If we won or lost, who really cared. It’s not that deep. But we can’t because 0 factions are searching from our opponent region.

Will it really be fun to be champion if you have to play shady to do so?


A knockout tourney can work.

Just not with an entry fee, pushing the most active factions to small regions, pushing the small region out before explaining a potential milestone boost, causing the remaining small region to resent their newcomers, going through to the final 32 with these small regions and not naturally active regions. For example.

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Yup the end result is all they care about not the journey. Gotta get those names in lights baby or what’s the whole point

Lol, no they won’t. Didn’t loose anyone over S class, didn’t loose em over other shit. Just another day

Exactly everyone but scopely foresaw this, it’s pretty funny actually.
facs complaining they can’t get a war or the other region planned it.
You could put ap with 10facs from bell on their side up against just say endgame or ttt alone and the region AP is in would. Lose lol
Just plain silly lol

Our region has 17 out of 25 factions on board because phalanx from Pickens is telling their factions not to fill. Smh.

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