How is this team?

I’ve got 2 teams here. One is my actual defense. And one is a future one once ascended. Thoughts?

very easy to crumble

To much crumble need another dmg dealer

This team eats them both alive…

FTP forever!!!

okay? most them toons are f2p but gov jes and zan.

others are on 5 star wheel and cole war wheel and lydia war wheel long time ago

I meant my team…

Replace yellow Gov with someone else. Yellow Gov is good on attack, especially if you can hide him behind the shield. A better def toon would be any Guardian. Do you have one?

That’s quite interesting since you don’t have any focus or any disarmer. Good luck trying to get gov to stop using his rush while your stuck on Jesus unless you stun him.

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Thanks, stun and neutralize work pretty well. Faced Goverine a few times last CRW. And Gen 1 Jeebus is not as sturdy (even with an abdef) as you might think.

But thanks for the slightly condescending tone in your critique, I know it’s not perfect, but it does a pretty good job for being nothing special.


in ur actuall def. u need to replace Ajax with a commond toon and see the difference

Better then all my terrible defenses i can make

commond and %8

Just curious, what did you do with their weapons op?

For your defense I would suggest getting rid of a shield and replace with a damage dealer of some sort.

People hate on Gov but I think he’s decent.

2 shields is a waste on defense. Needs some meat on those bones. Sub ajax because jesus saves, someone high damage maybe. I hear Lucas is OP af, maybe even wanderer #rip


Here’s my ftp defense

*free to pay ofc

Better hurry and ascend Ajax. Earl is a son of a gun when you’re trying for stun on his weapon. I’m currently on try number 33.

Second team is pretty nice I’d switch out Gov for someone else he’s not as effective on defense (he’s fun to use on offense though)

Actually i just do my pulls from league standing rewards. Never payed

Just stat boosts and AP buffs currently. Once I can start modding stuns and stuff I plan on it.