How is this possible? Seriously

416 thousand in domination?

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It was Classic mode Endurance prior but they didn’t change a thing when they switched to Old School for no reason.

This is domination mode. How does this person have 416 thousand?

Or even 182, 174, or 170 thousand . That’s impossible?

Why protect your name and score while you put someone else on blast?

There’s a glitch right now. It was classic endurance mode. Then it switched to old school domination mode. That person got the points before the glitch. It should switch back

If it’s you, how? If it’s not it’s none of your business.

Yeah stuck like this cause of it

Got it. Appreciate the clear up.

@GR.Scopely @Tsarraz why was this switched but people got to keep the old score that was endurance? Is this what the game is becoming, take advantage of scopelys mess ups and win? Seems so, seems like being an opportunist is a good thing.

It is clearly a bug.

Maybe so but something should still be done about the fact people have an unfair advantage as it stands. All scores should be reset and arena tickets returned or something.
But they need to act fast for a change and not try to clean up or sweep it under the rug after people have already missed out on rewards.

Hey everyone,

We are aware of the following issues with Arenas:

  • Scores Issues Domination vs Endurance
  • Game crashing when entering Arenas

The team is currently looking into those issues.


@Anointed.One - This has been addressed further with this communication here Arena Issue [11/18]


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