How is this possibile?


double hold defence mods thought repeated effects were not possible?


It’s not another set type either or there would not be a maxed set bonus




Hacks everywhere.


That 6k defense stat is quite amusing



you in group O? What faction was that @Trusslayer


Thats gonna take a while to chew through.


Stat slot+ wildcard stat+ set bonus


nah that wouldnt still allow you two defense sets


Not a hack, I noticed it yesterday in my zeke, you can put two of the same mod type (in its intended slot&wildcard slot)… my zeke has two crit mods, bu5 nothing of this magnitude.


Everyone can do it if they have the mods


just checked it appears you can :thinking:. must be a bug because you couldnt before :flushed:


Maybe only beta players can do it? I’m not on beta and cant double stack a stat


I can only imagine a tyreese with dual gold attack mods, attack vs fast, with a full gold attack set bonus .-.


wont let me do it if its a double defense hp mod but i can do a defense hp mod and an attack hp mod together


I’m not on beta and I can double stack, I play on iOS so I couldn’t join beta even if I wanted to


Doesn’t work by me…
I can’t stack two of the same mods


Yes I’m in group O but that was a SS from our regional chat not sure which Faction


I can’t double stack either. The update to fix bugs of course made brand new ones.


maybe its just a visual glitch?