How is this fair?


How can you even think milestones for a 23h event should be the same as a 42h event. How many times do we have to tell you that 23h SR isn’t long enough to complete legendary. In 23h you get 100 atks so that leaves 25 levels you have to use cans on. That means you have to use at a minimum 4 cans to complete all the milestones where as 3 days ago we had a SR where you didn’t have to use a single can. I wouldn’t have a problem using cans if we actually could obtain them without buying them. I don’t mind burning raid cans but I can buy them in the depo or get them from war or even occasionally get them from the daily quests. I just ask for some common sense and common courtesy, either make cans obtainable, lower milestones for 23h events, or stop doing 23h events.


They know and they don’t care. Look what they are doing with basic gear. We’re now down to 1 day a week. Don’t use a bunch of cans and it will take you 4 1/2 months to take one 5-star to a t3 6-star. Even if you use cans it’s all rng based so there’s that too.

We are at the point that they expect us to literally have to pay to play the game if you want to complete events and hit all the milestones. This is not good for the game as most people will choose to sit them out. Do that a few times and then they will stop playing the game entirely.



Thought things were going to get better.

Maybe the talk a few months back was true.

Hope I’m wrong though


I agree. It’s getting ridiculous. I’ve been a loyal fan of the show and the game, but it’s getting more and more impossible to achieve much without buying this and that. I naively traded 4 4-star Bos, all maxed out, and got an almost worthless character, which dropped my best team from S1+ to S1, plus left me much less prepared to deal with the more difficult challenges. I’m STILL recovering from that. And now I’m running into many challenges I can’t even attempt without using up all my supplies and then still not succeeding because they are made for S1+++, S3, S(whatever). I’m almost ready to just stop altogether.



That is problem.
Are you new to the game?
You should never ascend 4s you aren’t using for 5s.

Also you only need to use 1 character at max level.
The one that goes in the middle.


One day events are so much better. Means we get more events and more opportunities at necklaces. They are fitting in an extra tournament instead of making this level up and raid unnecessarily longer ban it needs to be.


Survival road should never be 24 hours. Sr and raids should run long enough to complete every milestone with natural energy. Sr could run for longer and overlap with tomorrows solo level up.

We know the game is p2w but it shouldn’t be p2p.


Plus with necklaces being in the milestones people are going to buy cans just so they can complete it


It is jus a round about way of buying the gear needed for your 6 stars.


Lol just cause you can’t finish it with free energy doesn’t mean you can’t play it. Go as far as you can. Use your free energy and you will most likely be top 100. Shorter tournaments equal more rewards.


It’s not about how far you can make it or even what place you can take, it’s that the same milestones for event that gives 20 more hours.


We never get a Sunday tournament like this. The weekend events almost always run the whole weekend. I will take this extra tournament and not complain about everything in this game.


I don’t complain about many things in this game, I will give fees back both good and bad, and I’m not saying never do 24h events all ask is to make it fair with the milestones especially since you can’t get the cans anywhere other then coins.


You have plenty of time with the next 50 days of the event to get plenty of gear. Stop being a baby back…whiner.


This. 100%

@Rockdale It’s about being p2p and not being able to finish the event without spending money. Also, who cares about the rankings. It’s all about the necklaces right now and they put 2 or 3 of them behind a paywall in this event. That’s unacceptable.


Probably Liveops wants some tournaments to have milestones that are easy to hit, and others that are hard to hit. Keep in mind that the rewards are not also scaled down either, so they have the option to make either placement rewards more plentiful (by doubling the rewards paid out over the same time) or the milestones more achievable (by having longer events). It even gives players the option to spend their gold on cans instead of pulls and get the milestones anyway.


You’re right. They should remove the last 1-2 milestones because no one can get it without spending on refills. Just keep the milestones for 24 hour SRs to just bronze, silver, and gold.

PS: Sarcasm. And it’s perfectly fair because everyone starts in the same position with every single tournament. Last few milestone is optional, just with every single tournament in the game. If you want it, expect to put in some effort, time, or spending like with every single tournament regardless of duration. If you want to treat this game like a chore, I can’t empathize with you because I made the opposite decision.


The point trying to be made is that with a 23 hour SR you can’t reach milestones by putting in time and effort. It has to be cans, and since sr cans are all but unavailable outside the shop that means cash.
World and raid cans are much more accessible through time and effort so while using cans for milestones/farming can be boring/annoying there it’s not a matter of pay to play.


This conversation always comes up. Some tournaments have milestones that are unreachable by f2p players. So what? Participate and progress as far as you can. Just like when it’s impossible to hit 2 million in every level up. We never get an sr tournament during this time. The weekend tournaments usually run to midnight my time and then we have dead time until Monday afternoon for the next tournament. This is an extra tournament with prizes and milestones.


Milestones aren’t targets. You do what you can do with the time available and collect rewards along the way. The more you do the more rewards you get. You aren’t being punished for doing less.