How is this even an event?


“A new threat” are you sure you guys shouldn’t have called it “ Same old crap”


The solo SR will be the 3rd tourney into this event without any lucille tokens as prizes/milestones. So what’s the reason of having tokens if we can’t compete for them? And yeah, I know we still have 38 days of this event, but that’s beyond the point.


Should have been a case of something like 2000 tokens for a pull (made achievable by finishing all milestones/roadmaps) and everyone in the end gets a single pull. However the wheel would contain negan/guv/Dwight/alpha/beta only


My only incentive to grind for tokens is Romanov, his decapitate can still be useful in an attack team or behind a shield, I doubt I can t4 a 6* by getting tokens though. Now if we would only get the chance to get said tokens. For me it’s even more disappointing this lack of tokens since I pulled around 30 times from that Anniversary Gear Wheel. As I’ve said, we still have 38 days, but things don’t look great at the moment.



It must be good if KIRKMAN does a lil video about it? ROFL


Put all together the end result of the event, a f2p 6*, a decent premodded rifle, and a chance at a decent weapon (though the stun gun is the most appealing imo) with the added bonus of a wheel with a chance at some while obsolete, still unique 5*s, seems pretty solid. The pacing however is the same issue that plagues alot of other events. I’m not saying it should be squeezed into two weeks and that we need everything NOW but so far I think there’s probably been more days spent waiting than “eventing”. I won’t say it’s a bad event though. It’s not quite a week in yet.


I still can’t determine difference between event and giveway, cause this seems efortless. And when it is competitive it is a chance for smelling salt, sd points or 3* weapons parts. At least they should consider competing for coins in events, no reason to keep them out of competition after all this time, 250 or one pull giveaway should do.