How is the Territories effecting your region?


I’ve seen and am seeing a lot of anger and resentment about territories and how it is effecting our game play, mainly due to league trophies combined with the glitches. so, lets see how its effecting us all…

  • Territories are running normal in my region
  • More than 25% of territories in my region are walkered
  • More than 50% of territories in my region are walkered
  • More than 75% of territories in my region are walkered
  • All except the crit territories in my region are walkered.

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I feel like this is not the best way to poll the issue. It is a bit skewed. Technically my region would currently fall in the less than 25% range, but only because some in the region decided to start using energy to clear walkers. This is a huge burden on these folks though, and we are basically just handing points to the uncooperative folks. No territories are being filled with more than a few teams, and changing hands as soon as the shield drops. So the impact on how territories are running are still hugely effected by league points, but if I vote specifically based on how many territories are in walkers, it looks like a nonissue to the “powers that be”.


then feel free to start another pole/post, no one is stopping you, but people are complaining vs trying to bring it up in the one place scopely is looking.


hell regions who want to post pics of your region go ahead


Anyone in Blount able to comment?
(besides adrian) as it’s a rather surprising response


lol, we didnt have any terr walkered. a few loose members were under control by the managements and that was it… only yesterday 7 8 terrs for the first time but region cleared… everyone keepin a team inside so it wont get walkered… anyone from blount , comment here…


is that where that person is from?


Oh right… i forgot, you guys are still under the year mark and closed…
I bet you guys arent terribly excited for the doors to be opened.


yeah sage, its adrian, i am also in crw,diamond ,top3 line groups …


yep, we are closed … no new comers so we know each other for a year…noone went crazy with the league thing, except a few loose members who were warned by all factions…


yea i know you, i meant the other guy that started the first post, since trout called for “another from blount” had confused me.


They aren’t running normal. But the issue is less leagues related and more glitches related. I mean that is kind of the new normal tho. 3-4 of 10 e always goes to glitching out n game restarting. Person from blount


Has any one found a solution for territory’s yet? As it’s becoming a night mare now, all our territory’s are either over run by walkers or on timers even the crits, no one wants to put any teams in as they are took out the minute the timers up and then left for the dead, something has to be done or territory’s will not last at the rate it’s going


Two days ago my faction cleared walkers and put teams in the territories. We got all covered except 5. But, it went right back to trash a day after.

Our new strategy is working on implementing breaking up energy use. We take 3 hits, drop 3 teams. Wait for contest if there are more hits left in territory. At least in our faction, most log in a least every few hours, so there is no need to burn all our energy at one time. (Territory energy takes an hour to rejuvenate 1 ffs, it’s not like it’s a quick fill) By the time we come back, our teams are free again, and we take 3 more hits, and drop 3 more teams. It’s a work in progress getting everyone on board, but we are trying. I’ve also asked my guys to use at least 1 energy to kill walkers each fill. I’m trying to encourage the other factions in the region to follow suit, but at this point, very few want to take the initiative. If everyone tried this route, you should see more teams multiplying in defense every few hours versus sitting at 3k or walkers.


Territories is trash. Let it burn.


Scopely took a dumster fire and threw a couple 55 gal drum of gasoline on it.




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