How is the daily SR Leaderboard calculated?

@kalishane how is the daily SR leaderboard determined? I finished and hit level 400 over two months ago and was the first person in Mitchell region to do so. I play everyday for the depot points (Aden’s) and was ranked “#1” for the last two months.

However, as of yesterday, a player finally hit 400 and I am now ranked #2. Technically this should be impossible as I would have a two month lead on this player. Obviously the rankings are meaningless, but I sent a mesage to in-game support and they told me to go here and post my question.

I don’t know every detail but I was rank 1 for a very long time finishing all world maps with 3 star rating helped boost me up.Also noticed winning Rank 1 in every tournament kept me at the top and finishing SR first everyday kept me 1st.Also your faction winning 1st 2nd 3rd seems to affect this.I gave up tho Congratz for even reaching Level 400

Looks like alphabetical order to me.

@kalishane any update here? Just want to find out how this is calculated and how it’s possible for me to be #2.

From another thread posted yesterday

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Thank you, I posted on that thread as well. Much appreciated.