How is the conversion rate of war tokens to supp points


I have a few left over from war and wanna know if i should pull or let them go to supp depot points as im waiting for eric or tyreese to pop up there and dont have enough to do a 2nd pull

100 per token is what they converted to last time.


Geez they so tight with supp depot points, i can sell a 4* weapon for more lol ty i will try for a lilth or gold mod but will prob get a damn bag of food :rofl: :sob:

Enough to not notice cause the depot is shit and needs to have a 1 hour reset instead of a 7 day reset. DBZ:Dokkan had their depots set right at 15 mins but I’m not gonna tell scopely to do that. Let’s make it just an hour for all 4 shitty depots.

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Idk if id want a hour reset as i have to work for my supp depot points, save them for energy cans and toons that pop up. Maybe a day amd maybe better items at a cheaper price would be good

Who says you have to buy anything in that hour. If it resets ever hour you have 24 chances for things you need to come up then wait 7 days for to wait and still not have anything you need to come up.

Logic son.

Of course i expect the normal “my opinion is right and yours is wrong” i dont agree with an hour timer, i think it is silly and 24 hours isnt too long or short, you want an hour timer, opinions tho :man_shrugging:

Now if you wanna talk logic kiddo lets not derail the thread that has been answered already with some kinda fantasy world where scopely will do anything to benefit the players cause we know it wont happen

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I think we need a one year long timer. Like if you agree.


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